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General Podiatry Services Available in Rose Bay

Don’t be afraid to ask about any foot problems you may be concerned with. Talk with our professionals about the general podiatry services we offer for you.

General Podiatry Services

General podiatry refers to the general treatment of common disorders of the foot and lower limbs. These could include treatment for callous, corns, warts, ingrown toenails, skin conditions, fungal nails, tinea and cracked heels, as well as advice on any other problem pertaining to the Foot, Ankle or Lower Limb.

We also provide general podiatric care for the Department of Veterans Affair’s War Veterans. All are welcome for their total Foot Health Care and Shoe Assessment.

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Podiatry and Ageing

Ageing feet can develop into more complex problems as the body goes through changes to skin and bones.  There will be reduced fatty padding on our feet as we get older and this can lead to painful feet after walking some distance. Arthritis conditions are also more prone in older persons and can lead to sore feet from stiffened joints and deformed toes.

It is also sometimes harder to reach the feet to cut the nails correctly and therefore lead to other conditions such as fungal nails.   A lot can be done to improve comfort by managing nails and correcting foot abnormalities or adding padding to replace the missing fat pads.

Consult with our podiatrist to get some advice on how to keep you moving on your feet

Podiatry and Children

If you have any concerns about your child’s feet you need to see a podiatrist. Podiatrists are fully trained to recognise any problem with their development from toddlers through to adolescents.

Some common problems that may concern parents are: in-toeing, tripping, flat feet, leg pain, unusual walking or running.

It is important to have your child’s foot correctly assessed as abnormal pronation can contribute to foot, leg and postural problems later in life.

Our podiatrist is very experienced with children and well educated in children’s foot development. Our podiatrist has been involved and cared for many children’s foot problems over the years and is skilled in all aspects of child foot and lower limb problems. This clinic is a child friendly clinic to put your child at ease. You will be guided in the right direction to give your child the best possible outcome for healthy happy feet.

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